Westpark Children’s Centre

Westpark Children's Centre is a childcare facility which recognizes the uniqueness of each child and emphasizes individual growth for each child by promoting a safe, healthy, and caring learning environment through its dedication to serving the family. We believe that each child is entitled to full participation and support to meet the child’s individual needs.

At Westpark Children's Centre, we believe that all children have the right to be valued, accepted and included. We embrace inclusion and celebrate the diversity in our community such as in culture, language, religion, socioeconomic status and ability. Being an inclusive learning community in which all children and families are welcome, Westpark Children's Centre offers countless learning opportunities and benefits for all its children.

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Hours of Operation:

Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu Mornings: 8:45 - 11:45 AM.
Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu Afternoons: 12:30 - 3:30 PM

Manitoba Child Care Programme

Parents and guardians have the right to apply to Manitoba Child Care Programme (MCCP) for subsidy. Submit your application well in advance since approval may take eight (8) weeks or more. However, you are responsible to pay the full fee until approval has been granted. More information on subsidies, as well as a Subsidy Eligibility Estimator and Online Subsidy Application can be obtained from MCCP online at www.gov.mb.ca/childcare.